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SEVAC Constitution - Rules and Aims

1. Identification and Objective

a)Name: The club shall be named “South Eastern Vintage Agricultural Club” (SEVAC). The name shall only be changed by a vote of more than half the membership either at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

b) Objective: The objective of the club is to further the interest in crafts, pastimes , machinery etc. connected with Vintage Agriculture. This is to be achieved by arranging and attending various displays and rallies throughout the year with emphasis on “WORKINGS”, and winter meetings, supported by a monthly newsletter.

c) Definitions: References below to the Club shall mean SEVAC. Reference to officers and members shall be assumed to be either gender.

2. Membership

a)Eligibility: Any member of the public may join the club on the understanding that they abide by the rules and constitution and the realisation that the club interests are primarily Agricultural and that which constitutes Agriculture.

b)Types of Members: There shall be two types of membership:- Full Member, Young Member (under 16 on 31 March).

c)Multiple members in the same family, sharing the same address and correspondence shall be eligible for shared, full membership and/or reduced membership subscriptions at the discretion of the committee.

d)Timing: Membership will run April 1st to March 31st. The committee may offer extended membership to potential members joining late in the year.


2.1. Members’ Responsibilities

a)Subscriptions: Members shall pay their subs promptly. If unpaid by the start of the Annual General Meeting, membership shall be deemed to have lapsed. Lapsed members shall not be allowed to attend or vote at the AGM.

b)Behavior: Members, and their exhibits shall, at all times when involved in Club activities, comply with relevant UK law, particularly regarding Safety and Health legislation.

c)The Committee shall have the right to withdraw or refuse membership of any person who fails to comply with rules and constitution or who acts in a manner that would bring the club into disrepute.

d)Insurance: Members shall be able to demonstrate that they hold insurance cover in respect of exhibits and self. Members’ insurance shall indemnify the Club against third-party claims and shall be valid when involved in Club events.

3. Committee

a) The rules & Constitution of the club will be made by the duly elected committee, guided by the wishes of the membership.


3.1. Structure


a)Officers: The committee shall include the following officers: 



  ii)Vice chairman



  v)Membership Secretary

  vi)Newsletter Editor

  vii)Plus ordinary members.

b)Size: The total size of the committee will not normally exceed fourteen members. However the committee shall have the discretion to co-opt one or more additional members for a specific purpose, such as Ploughing Match.

c)Votes: One vote per membership number, though all committee members will be allowed one vote.


 3.2. Responsibilities

 a)Meeting: The committee shall meet as frequently as necessary to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Club.

 b)The chairman will be expected to be active and set a good example to the rest of the membership.

 c)The secretary shall prepare, publish and maintain a record of club business, including meetings and correspondence, with the assistance of the other committee members as appropriate.

 d)The treasurer shall keep the club’s books and bank records. He/she shall maintain a high-level inventory of the club’s assets

 e)The membership secretary shall administer membership, collecting subscriptions and passing the moneys to the Treasurer for banking.

 f)A monthly newsletter shall be provided for the membership where practicable, subject to contributions being received by the editors.

 g)All committee members should support the chairman and each other, sharing responsibilities and/or forming sub-committees where appropriate.

 h)Annual Reports: The following officers shall prepare reports for the AGM: chairman, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary. These reports should be available for a committee meeting in March each year, or no later than the April meeting.

 i)Closure: In the event that SEVAC should cease to function, its funds and assets shall be donated to a like-minded agricultural club to be decided upon by the majority of the remaining membership.


 3.3. Tenure

 a)All committee members will be elected on a annual basis.

 b)The chairman and secretary may stand for no longer than four consecutive years.


4. Finance


 4.1.  Timing

 a)Year: The treasurer’s books shall run January-December each year.

 b)Accounts: Accounts should be prepared by the end of January for audit and review by the committee in February and inclusion in the March newsletter.

 c)Delays: In any case, audited accounts shall be presented at each AGM.


 4.2. Insurance

 a)The club will provide insurance cover for anyone working in the name of SEVAC and against any third party risk.

 b)The committee shall decide upon and arrange any insurance that it is advised is necessary for the club.

 c)A copy of the club insurance certificate(s) will be displayed in the club trailer.


5. AGM


 a)Timing: The AGM shall be held in April.

 b)Notice for Members: Notice of the AGM shall be published in the February newsletter (or March at the latest). The notice shall include the following:

  i)Date, time and venue of the meeting.

  ii)Committee nomination forms.

  iii)Statement that postal voting may be possible for the AGM, but proxy votes will not.

  iv)Call for members’ topics for AGM agenda.

  v)Statement of deadline date for receipt of nominations / members’ topics.

 c)Quorum: The quorum of the AGM shall be no less than twenty members, including committee members.

 d)Agenda: An agenda shall be prepared before the meeting and should be included in the April newsletter.

 e)The AGM agenda shall include the following items, plus any items added by committee for a particular AGM:

  i)The Chairman/woman will open the meeting and welcome members.

  ii)A quorum shall be established

  iii)A minutes secretary shall be appointed, who will note numbers present and announce apologies for absence.

  iv)Minutes of the previous AGM / matters arising.

  v)Reports: chairman, membership secretary, treasurer, secretary.

  vi)Elections: chairman, committee.

  vii)New chairman takes over meeting (as appropriate).

  viii)Any other items raised by committee.

  ix)Any member’s topics (raised before deadline date). The committee may, at their discretion allow exceptions.

  x)Next meeting.

 f)Note: There is no “Any Other Business” at an Annual General Meeting.

 g)The minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be published in the newsletter that immediately follows the Annual General Meeting, or as soon as practicable thereafter.

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